Saturday, December 7, 2013

Disappointed in The Sound of Music Live starring Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood and the children
 So disappointed in The Sound of Music Live. Yes Carrie Underwood can sing, and did a great job with the songs. No one was a bad singer, however there was a lot of bad acting. And who made that casting choice for Rolf?? Seriously? He looked far from 17

I wanted to love it. I did. Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite musicals. I've been to a lot of plays in my life, most of which were musicals, this was one of the worst I've seen. And that includes local musical theater not just the Broadway touring companies. Annie, which we saw last year in NH had better acting.

Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess
One exception was Audra McDonald who played Mother Abbess. She stood out as the "Actor" in the bunch. Yes, I know Stephen Moyer (Captain Von Trapp) is in True Blood and I'm sure he's a good actor - in other shows, not this one. Absolutely horrible. I didn't believe a word he said nor an emotion he tried to portray. I didn't hate the actor who portrayed Max, and come to find out he's a Tony Award winner. Hmm.

The children were pretty good, and honestly probably out shined the adults.

Carrie Underwood &
Stephen Moyer
I think the problem here was this wasn't playing to a packed theater, this was playing for the camera. Even having said that I have DVD's of filmed stage productions, Into the Woods for example, and they are wonderful. No acting issues in them.

Bad casting. Especially of Maria. I love Carrie Underwood but she is not an actress. This story needs an actress who can portray a depth of feeling. Carrie Underwood didn't do that.

Now having said all that: Kudos to everyone for attempting live television. I didn't notice a lot of technical errors, nor flubbed lines and such.