Friday, August 16, 2013

Rizzoli and Isles: Just when I think I'm out it pulls me back in. Or does it?

Rizzoli and Isles has had a fairly good four year run ratings wise so it's no surprise that it's been picked up for a fifth season. (TNT Renewals) That's great news. I'm happy for them. But as the show seems to get more and more popular I find myself going from a fervent fan to an average viewer.

Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon
Season one had already aired when a friend told me I had to watch this show. Thankfully she had a DVR and I could catch up. I fell in love with it. The characters then the actors captured my attention. I started using my Twitter account, which had sat dormant for over a year, just to find Rizzoli and Isles fans and follow it's stars. Next thing I know I'm building a website, making music videos, flying to benefits simply to meet one of the stars... Then something happened. During the third season I found my interest waning.

John Doman as Maura's mobster father
There is one storyline I have loved from the beginning, or more specifically from season one episode nine. Dr. Maura Isles' family. Adopted, Maura finds out in season one her biological father is a mobster. John Doman is an amazing actor and the two of them on screen are dynamic. In season three Maura finds out her biological mother thought she was dead and that she has a half sister. Again casting did a phenomenal job. I love Sharon Lawrence as Maura's biological mom. Maura's family storyline continues now in season four. I still love it. But somewhere in season three the excitement for the show as a whole dwindled.

By season four I was happy to watch it just like watching any of the other dozen shows I watch. No more, no less. It was great to see Sasha Alexander (Dr. Maura Isles) every week and follow her storyline, but that had become my main motivation for watching. 

Surprisingly, the first five episodes of season four began to capture me again. It was like watching for the first time again and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Episode five was arguably the best episode so far. (Maura's family, including her mobster dad was the storyline so I may be a bit bias.) I was quoting The Godfather on Twitter - just when we thought we were out they pull us back in. I was feeling good about this turn of events. And then the next few episodes aired and I find myself back where I was before. Just another episode. Just another one of the dozen shows I watch.

I love the actors and characters - the chemistry between Sasha and Angie has always been electric - and I like most of the family storylines. Some of the crime stories are okay but the crimes have never been my reason for watching this show.

I'm still going to watch it. If I could sit through every episode of the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess I can certainly watch some average episodes of Rizzoli and Isles. I still like the show. That's what saddens me, however. I used to love the show. But you never know. Maybe, like Xena did after their fifth season, Rizzoli and Isles will be able to pull me back in to stay.


  1. It enjoys a cyclical ride..I like that the show is comfortable exploring themes and character development. I like the detective brother. His character has lots of potential. Rizzoli's Mom and is so real and I like the hint of something more with her and Jane's former partner. If I get aggravated, it's with 'the loser brother'. Burn Notice had one and I wasn't sad to see the character go. 2 1/2 men has one with Charlie's cheap brother. Not funny or endearing.

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