Monday, September 30, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3 premiere (SPOILERS for Season 3)

Last night Once Upon a Time premiered it's 3rd season. I thought season 2 ended with a bang, even if it had lost me a little in the middle, and I was looking forward to see the adventures in Neverland. I was not disappointed.

It's interesting looking back to the beginning, I thought this entire series was going to be about breaking the curse. Now, I believe taking it in all different directions is a very smart move. I hope season 3 can keep me as captivated as last night's episode did.

Some highlights for me:

  • The changing dynamics in the five on Hook's ship and Emma taking charge once ashore. "...just being who we are... a hero, a villain, a pirate. It doesn't matter which because we're going to need all those skills whether we can stomach them or not." The savior is coming into her true role - leader. A leader understands what is required and can see the individual skills in her team members.
  • Henry, the lost boys and Peter Pan. I liked it. Different take, but very fascinating and I like Robbie Kay, the actor playing Peter. Definitely makes me want to see more. (Jared Gilmore - Henry - has grown so much between seasons. It's very obvious, and doesn't match the end of last season, but obviously there's nothing you can do about that.)
  •  I was NOT a fan at all of Mulan and the other two. Bad acting on all counts in my opinion. (I'm usually very forgiving of some not-so-great acting moments in a show, but when I can SEE the acting it's really bad.) But I like Neal and Robin Hood. Baelfire's journey is one I find very interesting, being the son of the Dark One.
  • That leads me to Rumple/Gold. Love him. Always have. The combination of both Rumple and Gold I find fascinating. I'm also interested in his journey as Henry's grandfather. I'm hoping to see Belle at some point. She's in the promo for next week so here's hoping.

A great episode and start to the season. 

Here are some SPOILERS:

  • We will see how Henry was adopted in episode 9.
  • In episode three, “we get a little more into Regina and what it’s like for her to be on this trip with people she detests,” says Horowitz.
  • Tinkerbell and the Darlings will both appear this season. “We haven’t forgotten about them,” says Horowitz.
  • Since Ariel is on her way, does that mean we’ll see Ursula as well? “There’s an excellent chance,” says Horowitz.
  • Episode 3 will show more of Neal’s journey with Mulan, Robin Hood, etc. and Horowitz teases we’ll see “a wrinkle to their story” appear.
  • “[Arial's] going to be different than the mermaids you saw in the premiere,” says Horowitz. “I think the spirit of Ariel you’re going to see — which JoAnna Garcia [Swisher] plays very well — is the spirit of somebody who wants to see the world and experience things outside of what they know,” says Kitsis. “And so we have our own little take on it, but I think the thing that make Ariel such a great character is the spirit within her definitely is within our Ariel.”
(Source: EW)

Episode 3x02 Promo

Sneak Peak - a scene from episode 3x02

Season 2 Bloopers

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