Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wonder Woman movie plot revealed! Plus gets a possible trilogy SPOILERS

Picture posted by Redditor ak_ to r/funny,
We all heard about how Wonder Woman is getting her own movie starring Gal Gadot, right? Well now Bleeding Cool has revealed the plot. Looks like the movie will start on Paradise Island, where Wonder Woman is from. A man will come asking for help and Wonder Woman will go with him - back to 1920's America.

It looks like the entire first movie will be in that era, with second and third movies to take place in the 1940's and modern day (with the Justice League Of America) respectively.

This storyline goes back to the origins of Wonder Woman - being plunged into a world that doesn’t make sense to her at all since her world was built on strong women, equality, and justice. Not typical in the 1920's.

Note: The photo above was amusing since myself and everyone I know who also watched Xena: Warrior Princess in the 90's had the exact same reaction about the new costume.

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