Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Walking Dead: Trivia About the Voice on the Radio, What He's Actually Saying and more

This weeks The Walking Dead “What Happened and What’s Going On,” was one of the saddest of the show. Beautifully crafted, delving into the mind of a dying man.

Among the sadness was some interesting trivia. The first being the voice on the radio broadcasts. That was actually the voice of Andrew Lincoln (Rick), in his normal accent. 

A disturbing note to what he was actually saying: It was all from real radio reports about the Rwandan genocide. How sad.
“At least 68 citizens of the republic have been killed in four deadly attacks along the main coastal district. The group has continued their campaign of random violence, moving across the countryside unfettered with the republic’s military forces in disarray … There have been troubling reports of cannibalism having broken out in refugee camps along the republic’s transportation corridor. And despite the string of victories by rebel forces, there are disturbing reports of increasing the brutality of their tactics including the wholesale destruction of villages, burning down local prisons, targeting of civilians, and even the widespread mutilation of children and young mothers.”

Also, what was with all the wolf/dog references? There was the graffiti behind Michonne, dog pictures in Noah's little brother's room and someone pointed out that the barb wire fence they had to climb through is a good way to deter wolfs.

All I could think of was Bad Wolf. (Doctor Who reference.)

Now a days getting 15 million viewers is not the norm. The average cable show grabs about 7. The Walking Dead back half of season five began with a 15.6.

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