Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doctor Who & Sherlock Crossover! Amazing fan-made short!

I love fan made videos. I've made plenty of my own. Most fan-made videos are music videos where you can tell a new story of the characters through the music. I'm not talking about slapping images together. It needs to make some sense, either matching lyrics or a new complete storyline. It takes some talent to make a good music video that matches picture with song in a way that tells a story.

What is more difficult is telling a new short story using only footage from a show(s) and making it look like it was filmed that way. The video below is one of the best I've seen. The time it must have taken to place two characters on two different shows together on screen and look almost seamless is astonishing.

WHOLOCK is a great short film by John Smith that every Whovian and Sherlock fan should watch. Even if you're not a fan, check it out for the fantastic effects. Then check out the breakdown for all the effects work done for the short. 

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