Saturday, April 12, 2014

TableTop Season 3 Is A Go!

Most of you know I'm a huge fan of the YouTube show TableTop. They've had two great seasons and now they're going independent for season three. They needed $500,000 to make 15 episodes and they surpassed that goal! (See video below.) That may seem like a lot to some but this show is television broadcast quality for a fraction of what it costs for a half hour show on TV.

As Wil Wheaton explained:
I completely understand a sense of 'sticker shock' upon hearing that this YouTube show needs half a million dollars to produce fifteen episodes. This week, I'm doing an episode of The Big Bang Theory, When it's all finished and cut together, it'll be about 22 minutes (approximately the same length as the average episode of TableTop), and it'll cost several million dollars to produce. If you do a strict math problem, you'll see that we do fifteen (or 20 if/when we get there) episodes of TableTop - 33 minutes, at least, that's 660 minutes of TableTop - for less than the cost of a single 22 minute episode of network television.
The next goal is $750,000 to make 20 episodes. They have 28 days left and I would not be surprised if they get there. They have some great perks, even for people like me who can't afford to contribute a lot of money.

Check out the fundraiser here:


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