Thursday, July 16, 2015

Watch Wil Wheaton's new RPG game TITANSGRAVE

Hey all you RPG / Dungeons & Dragons fans or anyone interested in what it's like to play those kinds of games, I've been watching Wil Wheaton's new RPG game TITANSGRAVE and it's pretty cool.


As some of you may know I love watching Acquisitions Incorporated D&D game every year with game master Chris Perkins who works at Dungeons & Dragons. So watching an RPG game is nothing new to me. I also love Wil Wheaton's show TableTop on Geek & Sundry. This year Wheaton decided to take the extra crowd funding money (they needed $500,000 for season 3 of TableTop and got a little over a million) and do a brand new RPG game entirely written by Wheaton and his son. 

Acquisitions Incorporated
Watching an RPG game may seem strange to some, and I felt the same way until I sat down and watched one. Granted, it depends on the players and the quality of the filming of it. I find it hard to watch the online games where everyone is in a different webcam square from their home, or the ones where there is only one or two cameras. It's hard to feel a part of the game for me in those circumstances. Both TITANSGRAVE and Acquisitions Incorporated have good production values. 

If you enjoy playing RPG's you may find that you like sitting back and watching. If you've never played any RPG games (table top not video) but like storytelling, give it a try! It might inspire you to start up or join a game yourself.

I've watched the first two chapters of TITANSGRAVE and really like it. It's a cool world and they've made some interesting characters. It's also funny. When the main thing the characters are worried about is saving the beer you know there's lots of chuckling going on. For those of you who love battles don't worry, these characters had a great fight saving the beer in chapter one and wound up going up against some scary creatures in chapter two. I can imagine what else is in store for them as they travel the world of Valkana.


There are a total of six chapters, all of which are out right now. 
EDIT 8/18/15: There are actually 10 chapters and it was also announced that there will be a season two.

Watch them all below!

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