Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thinking of Watching Wayward Pines? Start With Episode 5. Also Season 2 May Completely Change

Starting with episode five may seem strange to some of you, but honestly you'll pick up on the back story fast enough. If you're like me and try and start from the beginning you probably won't last past episode two.

I only gave the show a try because I've always liked Matt Dillon. Unfortunately, I found it more boring than intriguing and suspenseful. 

Then last week I was searching Hulu for something to watch. They had episode five up and it looked like the big reveal was coming. So, I gave it one more try. Episode five should have been episode two. It's that reveal that is actually the whole point of the show and it's at that point that Wayward Pines becomes a bit interesting.

Now that I'm giving it a shot I find out that if renewed for a second season it may have a completely different look. What most people don't know is Wayward Pines was done in 2013, only to sit and wait for two years to air. All the actors contracts expired long ago. Either they get them all to sign back up or make a whole new set of characters for the second season. Rumor has it that Fox is leaning towards the latter.

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